​I’m Sorry that I did not do the review for the POTC movie. Here is the review I made on my blog Andy on movies. Enjoy!

Caution! Spoilers! If you have not watched this movie yet, you have been warned.

I’ve always been a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Unlike most people, none of the movies disappointed me. They were hilarious, adventurous, mysterious, I don’t know why so many fans were disappointed.
So you can imagine that me and my brothers were extremely excited when we found out they were going to make a fifth movie.

Again, I was not disappointed. There were tons of funny stuff, like the Guillotine scene. And the villain, Salazar, was amazing. Javier Bardem did a wonderful job as the menacing and merciless Spanish Capitàn. His backstory helped us understand better why he hates Pirates so much, and why he especially wants to kill Jack Sparrow.

Do you remember Murtogg and Mullroy? The two goofy British soldiers? If you remember them, they’re back, and as pirates now. Since Pintel and Raggeti did not make an appearance in this film, everybody’s favourite British soldiers are the perfect replacement in this film.

I was really disappointed, though, when Barbossa died. He was my favorite character, and I was really disappointed when he died. And he just meet his only child! I hope they bring him back to life if they make a sixth one.

Speaking of sixth movie, in the end credits scene, Will Turner, now free from the Flying Dutchman, is having a dream, and who should appear? Davy Jones! Well, his claw, but still. Could Davy Jones be back from the dead? I sure hope so! He’s my second favorite character!

I give this movie an: A

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