​​​I thought it was another epic success in the Star Wars series. It had enough Battle sequences to keep me entertained and in my seat. My favorite characters were K-2SO, for his witty and comedic quotes and how he’s not afraid to speak his mind. another favorite is Chirrut Imwe; the blind man who believes in the Force Religion, and almost everything he says has to do with the force of in between.

I thought the destruction of Jedha city up close was something that was very different from A new hope. I thought that was a good reason what made Rogue one special. Who knew just destroying a city with the Death star could be so blood chilling.

I thought Garmin in CGI looked a bit like someone from a video game, in my opinion, and if you look at the CGI Leia, the eyes are a bit too high, maybe.

A mistake I noticed in the film was when the Rebel fighters blew up the AT-AT’s. In The Empire strikes back, the Rebel Fighters had to use wires to stop the AT-AT’s. But other than the Leia and that AT-AT part, the movie was highly enjoyable.

Rogue one is a Star wars movie worthy to be put in your Star wars collection.

I give this movie a: B+